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Support Our Veterans

Do the right thing. This is how.

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Buy aquaponics fish from a veteran owned hatchery

Whether they served in wartime or peace, only 7.3 percent of all Americans alive today pledged an oath to follow all orders, including those orders that would most likely end their lives. These veterans gave up their right to act on their own sense of self-preservation in order to serve their country and the 92.7 percent of Americans who will never serve. So how do you honor their commitment and sacrifice? With a bumper sticker? With a ribbon? With a chant at a political rally?

The best way to support the few veterans that are among us today is to provide them with food, shelter and health care whenever they need it and patronize their businesses whenever you can. Stop telling other non-veterans that you support our troops just because you have a relative in the military. Instead, make a commitment to the one out of a thousand American Veterans who continue to serve as small business owners and raise hell with your elected officials until they take care of everyone who has served.

Attention government and other federally funded institutions

Under The Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-461), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has the authority to award certain contracts to Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) above all others except for small business owned by service disabled veterans which are given the highest priority. The VA refers to this program as the Veterans First Contracting Program. The program ensures that funds are awarded to companies owned by Veterans and Service-disabled Veterans.

So whether you are purchasing tilapia for algae control in a warm water discharge at a nuclear power plant, or simply buying a few aquaponics fish for a teacher in your classroom, you already know that you should be buying from a veteran owned business like Lakeway Tilapia. But in case you don't, forget about the laws, congressional acts and paperwork and do it anyhow. Not because you have to, but because it's the right thing to do and nobody will appreciate your business more.

Lakeway Tilapia is a veteran owned business

This website for aquaponics fish is part of Lakeway Tilapia, The Tilapia Farming Experts℠. We are a veteran owned business and as far as we know we're the only retail tilapia hatchery that can make that claim. When given the option, we always buy from other veteran owned business regardless of the competition. The good news is, most veteran owned businesses have very competitive prices. Take Lakeway Tilapia for example, we are by far the lowest price after shipping. We could probably even raise our prices a bit more and still get business, but working hard to make things easy for others is in our DNA. The same is true for just about every other veteran owned business. So not only can you support the troops in a very real way, you can also get the best prices to boot!

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